How to make scientific documents, articles, figures, thesis

How to write any scientific text

Latex madlips article template:

How to make figures

  • Use this colormap for lines: first colors Blue, Blueish green and Vermillon (=blue-green-red) and avoid yellow



  • maximize new data per ink ratio (every drop of ink tells something new, do not repeat unnecessary colors or elements)
  • Labels: variables are with italics, then two spaces and then units in square brackets (standard in physics)
  • Minimize white area in plots by adjusting axis range
    • lower left corner is origin (0,0) if possible
    • 0 is marked as 0 not as 0.0 or 0.00
  • In multiple curves, mark curve labels above each curve with the curve color
    • avoid legends as they are not intuitive
    • with multiple panels (a,b,c) do NOT repeat labels or legends
  • if there is a parameter sweep, mark the increase of parameter with an arrow over the curves
  • aspect ratio of axis = golden ratio
  • figure width = 88 mm (width of PRL two column format)
    • text size 11 or 12 points (this is about 4 mm)
    • in powerpoint: 24pt with standard slide size (10″ by 7.5″)
  • show all four axis (left right top bottom)
  • label panels in top right corner with bold face a, b, c, d, etc…
    • or a) or (a)